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About Us

THM was started by Garry Marsh and Terry Marsh in February 2002. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with customers who choose to come back to us regularly, and recommend us to others.  Find out more about Garry and Terry on this page and check out Garry's personal website at

About Us

To achieve our goal we will:

Help our customers 

to identify what they want, love what they get, and measure their success. If our customers are successful they are more likely to continue to be our customers!


- bring creative, innovative ideas and experiences to our customers.

Practice what we preach!

 We talk a lot about creating memorable customer experiences and great customer service, so we have to live up to that ourselves too.

Deliver excellence

- in attitude, professionalism, deliverables, and everything that is important to our customers.

Create value

- we want our customers to see us as good value for the investment they make.


- if it's not fun, why are we doing it?




Garry Marsh spent 26 years working in and with some of the largest blue chips in the world.  His corporate career spans management roles in Sainsburys, Digital/Compaq/HP and Cable & Wireless culminating in nine years at Microsoft.  He started in Microsoft UK managing a team of over 250 technical and customer support people and subsequently held senior management positions reporting to the Board of Directors in various customer service and customer experience roles.  He has extensive people and operational management experience.  Garry also has a keen understanding of how customer experience works from a very practical customer-facing perspective.

Garry left Microsoft to pursue his passion for developing and training others in his two specialist areas of people management and customer experience.  He has delivered training and consultancy in Mexico, Brazil, the US, Canada, India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand and many parts of Europe (including Russia and Iceland!), as well as the UK House of Lords, and even Singapore Zoo.
Garry is an accomplished conference speaker. He has addressed many corporate annual events and meetings as well as being a keynote speaker at a Gartner conference in London in 2011 and he has even delivered a conference speech at a sales meeting on a beach in Mauritius!

Garry delivers interactive, engaging “classroom-based” training for all levels of a client’s business, from boardroom to front line.  He has a relaxed, engaging style and a level of knowledge that receives excellent feedback from all of his customers.  He makes it interesting, memorable, and fun!



Born in Aberdeenshire, Terry moved south to Bristol in 1983 where she worked for a few years as the youngest Front Office Manager in the Holiday Inns of Canada group (now Marriott hotels). The hotel industry proved to be an excellent place to learn about customer service and customer loyalty.

Intrigued by the computer industry Terry started work at Digital Computers (DEC) in 1985, first in Basingstoke and then in Reading as an Administration Manager. A career break was necessary to bring up two children during which Terry created her own craft business which ran successfully for several years, and also returned to the hotel industry where she worked in sales and marketing for a top quality Hampshire hotel. Terry is co-owner of THM and the Finance Director.

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