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Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Awards

At THM we like to recognise and reward amazing customer experiences.  Everybody can tell a customer experience "horror story" but stories of amazing customer experiences are far less common so we collect those.  We think there's a lot to be learned from positive stories, which is why we include many of them in our customer experience workshops, seminars and training courses.

We call these stories THM's ACEs (Amazing Customer Experiences) - they are about ordinary people, processes or organisations that work in extraordinary ways to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.  Check below to see who receives this month's ACE Award.


Old Government House Hotel - Guernsey

Imagine arriving at a high quality hotel for your 25th wedding anniversary to find rainwater pouring through the ceiling of your suite.  Imagine also that when you report the problem immediately after your arrival in the room you are told that there are no other rooms available that night and no alternative hotels of a similar standard in the area.  Would you ever go back to that hotel again?  Would you ever recommend them to friends?

Amazingly the answer is absolutely YES.  The reason?  Excellent service recovery.

The OGH is a beautiful hotel with a great reputation, but sometime bad things happen, even to the best of organisations.  What they have got absolutely right at the OGH is a service culture and attitude that spreads throughout the hotel.  Once they were made aware of our problem they acted swiftly, positively, and with  customer experience at the very heart of everything that they did for us over our four day stay.

The personal attention the manager gave to the problem was outstanding.  The customer service director was also excellent.  And the staff at reception and in the dining room had clearly been told our story and acted with amazing empathy, professionalism, and humour to make us feel that everybody at the hotel was shocked by our initial experience and really cared passionately about playing their part in putting it right.  The customer experience was at the centre of everything that the team there did for us, and that came from the manager who embodied care for the customer in everything that he did and said.

We stayed all four days as planned, after a move to another (equally beautiful) room and some of the most attentive and authentic customer care we’ve ever received.  We wrote to thank the hotel team for making our stay so memorable (in a very positive way!).  We have recommended them on Trip Advisor and to everybody that we know.  We have told their story on our customer experience seminars. 

Yes, they had a problem initially, but the true test of a customer-focused business is how well they can recover from a service disaster.  The OGH showed remarkable service recovery, created out of a passion for delivering excellent customer experiences that drive recommendation and repurchase.  We would (and DO) strongly recommend them, that’s how good they actually were!

How many people in your organisation understand how important a "service attitude" is in driving recommendation and customer loyalty? 

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