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Conference speeches and
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Conference Speeches and Customised Workshops  

Totally customisable according to clients' needs.



Garry Marsh delivers our conference speeches. He is very well received as an accomplished, entertaining and thought-provoking speaker and is comfortable and engaging with audiences of all sizes. Garry has spoken at conferences all over the world, including a sales conference on a beach in Mauritius, a meeting of senior regional executives in Bangkok, a keynote speech at the Gartner CRM conference in London, and his more unusual locations of Singapore Zoo and the UK House of Lords.

Our most popular conference speech is our customer experience seminar called "It's NOT magic!" where Garry teams up with leading international magician Etienne Pradier to deliver an amazing and unforgettable set of stories and magic with a very clear message for everybody working in a customer-focused business . Check out the short video on You Tube to see what we mean.

We also develop totally customised workshops for our clients, in order to ensure that what we bring to them is exactly "on message" for their business.  For example, one client asked us to deliver their usual customer satsifaction research results to their internal teams in a totally new and different way - which we did with great success and a lot of very positive feedback.

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