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Customer Experience

We specialise in helping you to create employee engagement and a customer-focused culture in your business, driving customer behaviour to recommend and re-purchase. Our products are innovative, participative, informative and inspiring. We cover customer experience, customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer focus.

We offer ready-made customer experience training and consulting and we're always developing customised workshops and events for our clients. So if you don't see what you want here, we can create something to meet your specific needs. Check out some of our products below or call us to discuss exactly what you're trying to achieve.

Customer Experience

Product List

Our customer experience products can be delivered as single events, or combined into workshops or programmes to suit your business objectives and key messages.  Our team, led by Garry Marsh, works with you to create the most relevant workshops for your business.

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The Holodeck

A thought-provoking and participative business game that places participants in the shoes of the customer and really helps your employees to understand and think about how it feels to be one of your customers. Read more on The Holodeck.


It's NOT magic!

Our very popular high-impact seminar or conference speech that shows everybody in your business that they are responsible for creating amazing customer experiences.  Inspire your people and show them how simple it can be to make a real difference for your customers.   Read more about It's NOT Magic!


Inside Out

A customised participative workshop challenging attendees to understand and identify how your internal processes impact the customer experience that you deliver.   Read more about Inside Out.


Mind the gap!

Our customer experience consulting programme, where the key focus is on how customer experience is impacted by the gap between what your brand promises and what your processes deliver.  If you want to improve your customer experience and differentiate yourselves from your competitors you need to Mind The Gap!  Read more about Mind the Gap.


Not the Ritz Carlton

An innovative "at your desk" event to bring customer experience principles to life for all of your employees. Read more about Not the Ritz Carlton.


Leading an emotionally intelligent organisation

A workshop about the ways in which the understanding and application of emotional intelligence (EQ) can create employee engagement, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in your organisation. Read more about Leading an emotionally intelligent organisation.


52 ideas

A collection of ideas for building a customer-focused culture in your business - in seminar or book format. Read more about 52 ideas.


Conference speeches and customised workshops

Designed to deliver the key messages that will support your own customer experience initiatives. Read more about Conference speeches and customised workshops.


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