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Executive leadership
for the 21st century

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Executive Leadership for the 21st Century  

Workshop format

1 to 4 days
Participants - 8 to 14



This workshop can be customised to run for 1 to 4 days depending on need, and time available from a senior audience. It is designed to allow executive level managers to sample the highlights of our five management modules whilst also "going up a level" to explore some leadership issues not included in the management training. Contents include:

  • Managing versus leading - what's the difference and which do you do?
  • Leadership theory and models
  • Developing leadership competencies for your organisation - bringing through the next leaders
  • Why the CEO is different - a discussion/case study about the role of the CEO
  • Future trends and strategic thinking - taking the business forward
  • The emotionally intelligent leader - how EQ, trust and personal brand are success levers
  • Time to lead - personal effectiveness in a leadership role
  • Leading across borders, cultures and generations

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