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It's NOT Magic!

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It's NOT Magic! - how everybody in the business can contribute to great customer experiences.  

Seminar - 45 - 60 mins

Participants - 10 to 1000



A seminar or conference speech in which Garry Marsh from THM teams up with leading international magician Etienne Pradier to bring alive the key concepts of customer experience and loyalty in an innovative and highly entertaining format that audiences never forget. Garry tells business stories that provide thought-provoking insights into how customer experience drives business results. Etienne delivers amazing close-up illusions that illustrate the stories. With a clever twist we show how creating amazing customer experiences is NOT magic, and everybody can do it.

This seminar has been very popular all over the world and can be customised to include our clients' key business messages. See our short promotional video on You Tube:

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