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Managing high performance

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Managing High Performance Teams  

Workshop format

Half-day to 2 days
Participants - 8 to 14



Our Management Training modules are designed to run for 1 or 2 days and can be delivered as single events, or they can be combined into workshops or programmes to suit your business objectives and key messages. They can also be customised as shortened sessions with less content if required.

Module 3 introduces a teamwork toolkit to help understand and manage the dynamics of a team and lead it to success. Content includes:

  • Personal responsibility in a team environment
  • Understanding team strengths and the "team personality"
  • Encouraging and supporting cross-team collaboration
  • Super teams and dysfunctional teams
  • Managing teams through change
  • Understanding different team leadership styles
  • Managing remote teams
  • Managing teams under pressure
  • Managing conflict

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