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Not the Ritz Carlton

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Not the Ritz Carlton - bringing customer experience to life in your workplace.  

Unlimited participants.

Runs throughout your working day.



We can help you set up engaging customer focus activities within your workplace to introduce or keep alive a strong customer culture in your business. "Not the Ritz Carlton" is an example of this where we hired actors to go into our client's call centre and create a quality customer experience (breakfast at your desk, tea served to you etc) for employees, only to set expectations we then deliberately failed to deliver. The call centre employees quickly got the message about delivering on promises and enjoyed the "training" experience even though they didn't leave their desks or stop working while it all happened around them. This was part of a very successful Customer Focus Week that we produced for our client, with a varied programme of activities including customer visits, call handling skills workshops, and some of our other popular customer experience products like The Holodeck and "It's NOT magic!"

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