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At THM we have a collection of highly interactive participative workshops to help teams work better together. We can help you to choose the most appropriate combination of activities to help you build stronger more collaborative teams in your organisation, or simply to improve the way your own team works. Two of our most popular sessions are:

The Grid

Title   Delivery
The Grid - teamwork, competition, process improvement, and a lot of fun!  

90 minutes
Participants - 6 to 30



A practical team-building exercise where teams compete to build a structure in the fastest possible time. This exercise brings out the competitive nature in everybody and ends in a race against the clock before the teams get together again to relate the experience back to the workplace and to decide who really won!

Great for teambuilding and cross-group collaboration, and highly addictive as many teams want to play again to see if they can do even better next time!


Title   Delivery
Crisis - teamwork under pressure.  

Duration - approx. 2 hours
Participants - 6 to 12



Teams are placed into a pressure cooker situation, trying to contain a business crisis against the clock, fielding Head Office demands for information, handling Press and TV interviews, and struggling to resolve the crisis before customers desert the company and the share price dives! Excellent for teambuilding, analysing team strengths, and assessing and discussing how a team works together under pressure.

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