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Teamwork and Teambuilding

Our teamwork and teambuilding workshops are custom-built from our extensive collection of content and designed around your specific needs.

All workshops are indoors, intellectually stimulating and challenging, with a clear business purpose and a set of key learnings about teamwork.

They are ideally suited to small and medium-sized teams that want to bond, improve, and grow their ability to work together.   Many can also be adapted for larger audiences.

Our teamwork and teambuilding workshops can run from 2 hours to 2 weeks, depending on what you need!  And they can run at any location of your choice.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Teamwork

Research shows that emotionally intelligent teams deliver better business results.   However, many organisations don’t place enough emphasis on developing emotional intelligence, or EQ, at an individual level, and most don’t focus on emotional intelligence at all at a team level, which gives EQ teams a real competitive edge in the market.   

Our workshops are designed around the concept of EQ and how it can help teams to improve the way they work, from Executive level to frontline operations.  All of the workshops are fun and challenging, but with a serious purpose; to drive improved business results.

There are four main categories of workshop in the Teamwork Factory; three for new, established, and broken teams, and one for Executive, Leadership or Management teams.  Check them out below.

Teambuilding for new teams

A combination of activities designed to help new teams get to know each other better, and to understand how they can apply the principles of EQ to set themselves up for success.


High-performance teamwork for established teams

For more established teams we have a range of challenges that help to further strengthen the team, boost morale, and improve the team's overall awareness of how it can use Emotional Intelligence to become a high-performing team that gets even better business results.


Teamwork diagnostics and improvement for "broken" teams

Sometimes a team needs help to identify what's going wrong and work out how to turn things around. We use EQ principles to help the team understand what can be done to get back on track and re-energise the drive for better business results.


EQ Leadership

We work with senior leadership and management teams to identify the issues that they face in creating an emotionally intelligent organisation, in which the leadership team itself must lead from the front and role model what EQ teams can achieve.


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