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THM Videos

Here's a small collection of video samples, to help you get a feel for how we deliver our workshops and seminars.

Customer Experience ThumbnailCustomer Experience - It's NOT magic!
Our highly acclaimed customer experience seminar in which we use professional magic to demonstrate the key principles behind delivering a great customer experience that drives customer loyalty and recommendation. (4 minutes 15 seconds)
Teamwork and Teambuilding ThumbnailTeamwork and Teambuilding - It's NOT rocket science!
A snapshot of our innovative and participative teambuilding workshops, designed to help new teams to get to know each other, or for existing teams to fix problems or step up their teamwork and collaboration skills to become high-performance teams. (2 minutes 32 seconds).
Emotional IntelligenceManagement and Emotional Intelligence – It's NOT brain surgery!
Our People Management training programme, consisting of multiple modules featuring essential management skills and based around the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in a practical, results-focused workplace (2 minutes 55 seconds)

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